Thursday, February 18, 2010


Itravel2000 has some of the best vacation deals going, with all inclusive travels right now from $347 and flights bottoming out at $58. If you aren't afraid to travel to the Dominican and you don't mind the lacklustre food of Varadero, then there are plenty of 4 star all inclusive properties left. Just don't expect to get anything for March break. Although my travel agent tells me this year Jamaica and Mexico are prime hotspots ( probably because of the excellent prices that have been consistent this winter). I know some may still be the tiniest bit leery of booking on line, but get over it already. It is in fact a no fuss thrifty way to travel. Numerous excellent deals have caught my eye of late. There are also various opportunities for children to travel, stay, play and eat free. I like to use Itravel2000 as a sort of research expedition and with their handy calendar that notes cheapest times to fly I can shop around effectively for my family. I still take the cheapest offer I find to my agent and clarify that it is what it seems, before booking. Happy shopping and don't forget to stop by Itravel2000 if you want a deal on sunny vacays.