Friday, November 27, 2009

12 nights in Cuba

Is one week not enough of a vacation, but two weeks a bit too much? Well, good news Signature Vacations has the answer for you -  the 12 night Cuba vacation. Designed for travel before the end of this year, the new 12 night vacay is intended for people who don't feel one week is quite enough and two weeks a bit too much. Thriftymomma was last in Cuba almost a decade ago and is longing to take the family. This is a vacation I would consider depending on the accommodations and family activities. Cuba is a lovely island to visit. Temperatures are always hot. Prices are very affordable. My  only caveat with Cuba is the food. It was not much to write home about when I was last there over a decade ago now. We travelled last minute and got a great deal for a one week all inclusive, but the Cuban food was the least appealing of all the marvelous things that we enjoyed that week. Well, back then as a poor newly married individual travelling with a good friend of mine, we skimped on the frills to go and stayed at a three star resort near Varadero. To be clear a Cuban three star property is no place that I would wish to stay with my children or husband. There are several appealing spots, not just Varadero, the hottest tourist area and what I recall most of the time we spent there was touring about in little mopeds and having a great time exploring the island area near Varadero. Varadero has exploded into a very highly developed tourist spot with magnificent sprawling four and five star all inclusive resorts since then. Other areas of Cuba have also grown in popularity. Santa Clara, Holguin and the Cuban capital are also popular these days. For more info on the 12-night deals check out

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