Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Travel Deals and WestJet

I had the chance to try WestJet out for the first time last year on the way to a conference out in Alberta and I was not disappointed. Service is, as the ads point out, a key component of their success. While there are no frills on this airline, the prices are extremely competitive. Flight attendants are friendly and humourous - although I've heard they learn their tricks from a script, for the average traveller who flies maybe once or twice a year I am sure the jokes aren't that redundant. Frankly I can be a nervous traveller on take off and landing and so having a flight attendant handy to crack jokes and ease the tension is a lovely treat. That's why thriftymommastips is pointing out the merits of choosing WestJet. From London International Airport right now there are some amazing deals running direct to Orlando. Periodically this airline offers a one way to Orlando from London only $79 - unbeatable. Also at certain times during the year WestJet has been known to offer amazing fly free deals like Halloween 2008 if your last name was Sweet or Candy they had a deal where you could fly free anywhere that WestJet flies. But you have to move quick to catch the deal and you have to fly within like two days or less usually. Last year when I was flying to Edmonton I left on Valentine's Day, I think it was and a person beside me checking in at the airport said her boss had told her about the deal that morning that anyone with the last name of Heart or Rose could fly free. Sure enough her last name won her a free flight to Mexico. Wow! It pays to subscribe to their news alerts. This week until Nov. 26th if you book to fly before Dec. 20th you can save upto 65 % off regular prices. It's the WestJet seat sale for a limited time. WestJet is an excellent way to fly if you are on a budget like thriftymomma.

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